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  New Look Vinyl from Classic Floor Coverings International is the affordable, modern alternative for premium performance and long, trouble-free service life...even under the most demanding conditions.  
  Designed to look beautiful and stay that way, Classic's new look vinyl is unbeatable for natural charm and warmth.  
  Its ability to laugh off the wear and tear of everyday life makes new look vinyl the perfect design solution. It out-performs most traditional floor coverings, especially timber (whether natural or laminated).  
  New look vinyl from Classic offers limitless design possibilities.  
  You want the beautiful look of natural timber, but with none of timbers? See how flawlessly new look vinyl presents the look of such popular timbers as Jarrah, Cypress Pine, Tasmanian Oak, Enghlish Elm, Beech Cherry, American Oak, Kempas... you name it.  
  Or you prefer pebbl, stone or granite? Or slate, mosiac, metallic or space age chequer plate?  
  Classic new look vinyl has it all: outstanding natural appeal in the exact look you want...in an endless variety of designs, colours, looks and effects.  
  Classic new look vinyl is strong durable and specifically engineered for long tough, trouble-free service life under the most demanding traffic conditions.  
  Whether it's a busy home for a young, energetic family, an elegant, prestige living area or a hardworking, safe public or retail area, new look vinyl is designed to keep its fresh new look longer.  
  Nothing beats Classic new look vinyl for its ability to resist stains, gouges, dents, marks, scuffs and other damage. And it is extra quiet underfoot. Although extra tough, it is more resilient than other flooring, with suerior sound-absorbing abilities.  
  With Classic's new look vinyl, you can forget the clatter of footsteps. Quiet, unobtrusive, stylish, trouble-free beauty is what it's all about.  
  Classic new look vinyl is compatible with most subfloors, needing minimal pre-preparation.  
  It provides and individual, practical solution for every setting. Which is why it is recommended by so many leading architects, decorators and designers.  
  In domestic surroundings it is virtually maintenance free. It is also outstanding in demanding high traffic environments where it laughs off dents, resists scratches and dents that effectively ruin other floors, especially timber.  
  Here's a detailed look at the way new look vinyl from Classic compares with other flooring.  
  Just the briefest glance through its benefits will prove there's no realistic alternative.  
  • Shrink
  • Gap
  • Split
  • Expand
  • Cup
  • Squeak
  • Be affected by seasons
  • Be affected by air conditioning
  • Not going to trap dirt, dust, dust mites and grit
  • Waterproof: spills are not a concern
  • Imprevious to most stains
  • Very easy to maintain
  • Hygienic: protects
  • Dimensionally stable
  • Waterproof...laughs off spills
  • Engineered for extended wear
  • Extremely damage resistant, ideal for high-traffic areas
  • Quiet underfoot, deadens impact noise
  • Temparature neutral, offers insulating properties
  • Compatible with sub-floors heating installations
  • Able to keep rooms warmer in winter and cooler in summer
  • Able to offer warmth and natural beauty
  • The ideal product for all interior design projects, whether new or renovations
  • Ideal for residential and Commercial use
  • Able to offer the look and texture of timber...flawlessly, undetectably...with none of the problems and all the convenience, ease of cleaning/maintenance - both minimal
  The proven beauty and practical, affordable, toruble-free characteristics of Classic new look vinyl make it the natural solution for homes of all styles...plus a wide range of demanding commercial and public applications such as:  
  • Medical/dental surgeries
  • Retail Stores
  • Department Stores
  • Boutiques and speciality outlets
  • Supermarkets
  • Residential, including home units
  • Corporate offices
  • Public buildings
  • Educational Institutions
  • Showrooms & exhibition centres
  • Restaurants
  • Hotels, hospitality
  • Travel facilities
  • Tourist attractions & accommodation
  • Hotel and clubs
  • Theme parks
  • Health clubs
  • Aged care accommodation
              ...and much more  
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